We Have Successfully Served Thousands Of Clients Across Texas

Coming out of bankruptcy without having lost your property to creditors is one of the most relieving feelings that one can ever experience. However, it takes a good bankruptcy attorney to help you win your bankruptcy battle and a brilliant one to help you do so with minimal cost. We are a fully fledged bankruptcy law firm and history can certainly judge us as being brilliant. We have successfully served thousands of clients across Texas and the best news is that we have helped them to do so with minimal cost. In addition, we do not just help clients to hold on to their property, but we also ensure that they are enlightened as to which spending habits to avoid and how to manage their finances rightfully in order to avoid falling into debt. Moreover, a significant number of cases that we have handled have actually ended up with the clients offsetting some of their unsecured debts.

We are a very efficient and professional institution whose operations run for 24 hours each day and 7 days each week. While a number of lawyers would want you to feel secure just by the fact that your home can never be liquidated under law, they find it quite challenging to help clients to keep other equally important assets. Our biggest priority is to help you to hold on to as much property as possible regardless of the circumstances surrounding your bankruptcy. In line with that, we always ensure that the timing of the filing of bankruptcy is right and that it is done under the right legal provisions to assure clients of maximum protection. There are also a number of creditors who are fond of leaving you threatening voice-mails and bothering you with endless calls.

In order to put an end to this and blurry any attempts to bring lawsuits against you, you should contact us and we will take the necessary steps in order to put all those matters to a rest within the shortest time possible. We know how difficult it is to make monthly payments which strain the pocket and prevent you from living a decent life. In view of that, we have some of the best dallas bankruptcy attorney who have perfected their negotiation skills and will ensure that the kind of deals you sign do not involve making payments that are not sustainable.

In the case of a vehicle, a bankruptcy cram-down will ensure that you only pay the vehicle loan balance based on the value of the vehicle without the need to pay any interest provided that you had been consistently making monthly payments for at least two and a half years. Talk to our attorney live, visit our office or call us any time you are in need.